Lie Takes Japanese Design Prize Ribs Bench Ribs in polished alu Strip Screen Swell Lounge Thong Stool Pila Seat MilkCrateClubLounge Demicube Shelf Genie Tea Pot Fukidashi Box Origami Slipper Plié Shoe by Lie Ribs for dedece Ribs for UTS Strip for workshopped

Stefan Lie was born in Sydney, Australia in 1968. Soon after, his family moved to Zurich, Switzerland where Lie was educated. In 1988 Lie undertook an apprenticeship in toolmaking, immersing him in the Swiss tradition of delivering design excellence in a pragmatic marketplace.

Lie left Switzerland in 1992 to travel extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East. Returning to Australia in 1994, Lie undertook a Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours) at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). UTS is unique among global design schools: it draws on the design traditions of Europe and the United States while also engaging with the needs of Asian manufacturers.

In 1995 Lie received the Tetra Pak Design Prize, which recognises outstanding ability in a first year design student. Ribs - a sinuous moulded wood bench resting on a linked aluminium 'spine' - was launched in 1998. Lie subsequently received the Most Outstanding Graduate award from judges of the 'This Way Up' competition organised by the Centre of Contemporary Craft in Sydney (now known as Object, Australian

Centre for Craft and Design). With his degree completed in 1998, Lie took Ribs into production, and it was launched by leading Australian furniture retailer dedece.

In 1998 Lie was recruited to teach furniture design in UTS's faculty of Design, Architecture and Building and later to manage its Industrial Design Workshop.

Ribs was then purchased by Sydney's Powerhouse Museum and included in its permanent collection of Decorative Arts and Design. In 1999 Lie was nominated for Sydney's Museum of Contemporary Art Seppelt Award, which recognises the most innovative contemporary designers and artists working in Australia and New Zealand.

While continuing to work in academia, Lie produced a range of furniture pieces. In 2002 the Swell Lounge, the Strip Screen and the Thong Stool were launched in dedece's Sydney and Melbourne showrooms.

In 2003 Lie was invited to participate in 'workshopped', an annual design event and exhibition showcasing emerging Australian designers during... continues


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